On our first pass of the website we forgot to add this, probably because there is nothing more awkward than asking for gifts! As we have too much stuff, almost two sets of everything, we are suggesting contributions to the following funds that will help us get our house in order and us off the island finally!

Fund 1: House Repairs/Renovations

We bought a new house and we are in desperate need of storage space!

If you would like to contribute to this fund we will think of you when we are putting up pots and pans shelves in the kitchen and/or shelves for records in the living room, fixing the weaving on our rocking chair, fixing our bikes and buying wall mountings for them, buying patio furniture, buying storage containers for the basement and whatever else the house needs in the near future!

Fund 2: Honeymoon Trip

We are hoping to head to New Zealand within the next few years! If you have tips/connections/recommendations we would love to hear them too!! In the meantime we plan to hide in a cabin in the woods for a week in September. Suggestions on where would be greatly appreciated!

Fund 3: Gaming Life

Even before we started dating we bonded over gaming. Board games in particular, then DnD when we started dating, and then video games!

If you contribute to this fund we will think of you when we buy a board game table for the kitchen and HeroForge miniatures of our DnD characters!

If you would rather contribute to our gaming fun in another way we have wish lists on Board Game Geek, Steam, the Switch and Play Station. Just ask one of us for the links.


If you would rather give a gift, we will be happy to receive one! We tend to buy wooden furniture/accessories, local and handmade products and goods and we like to support our local stores and companies. Surprise us!