DnD Introduction

Curious about Dungeons and Dragons? DnD is a collaborative story telling game played around a table with paper, pencils, dice, and imagination. One player, known as the Dungeon Master or DM, prepares a story set in a fantastical world while the other players create a hero. The group of heroes will venture into the DM’s world facing and overcoming challenges and growing in strength and together write the story of the world!

The most common symbol of the game is the d20 or 20 sided dice, which you’ll see a lot of at the wedding! When you try to accomplish a task in DnD you don’t automatically succeed. Instead you roll a d20 and based on how high the result is you do better or worse. We’ll incorporate some of this into the fun and games at the reception.

Here’s a comedic take on what an average DnD game sounds like!

If you find yourself wanting to play, you can find the basic rules pdf for free here!