Join us August 27th as we begin our adventure in matrimony!

Due to COVID we’ve had to push our wedding date by a week! Please check your email for our update.

Rachel and Geoff met in late 2017 while he was working at The Geek Bar where they were introduced by her brother Pete. A short while later Geoff offered to help teach her to make a Dungeons and Dragons character (which turned into an accidental date) and the rest is history!

DnD was an important part of our relationship and so we decided that our wedding should be fantasy themed! With this in mind if you’d like to dress up in fantasy themed cosplay rather than more traditional wedding attire you are more than welcome. If you don’t know much about all this (but you’re curious) don’t worry, we’ll provide some info in the links below. If this is not you’re thing, don’t worry about that either! We’ll still have lots of fun

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